Friday, January 27, 2012

So....New Year, New Project

So I had a crazy idea and it's kinda linked with my obsession with Pinterest. I joined that group of crazy pinning nuts only a few months ago and seem to have almost 1,000 pins and another ridiculous amount of likes. How I ended with up with so many pins is beyond me, but what is more important is what I plan to do with those pins. DO I let them sit there like unrequited love in the hopes of one day becoming a fully realized project or do I give it the good old college try and actually do a project on the regular? I decided to give myself a Pinterest challenge - one pin project a week. And what's even crazier is I decided to document the process. Thus, Craftin' with Yo Momma was born.
So stayed tuned for the first pin project. I welcome any feedback, advice, crits (keep it easy though folks!), your own pin project attempts, etc. Thanks in advance and hope to keep it interesting!

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