Saturday, August 2, 2014

NYC Blogger Bash Sweet Suite 2014 #SweetSuite14 #BBNYC

So excited to share the amazing box of swag from this year's Sweet Suite! Lots of amazing things and tons of great items coming to shelves this year. The event was amazing and a great opportunity to speak with various brands. I am really glad I went this year and hope to go next year as well!

So upon opening the great box, there were tons of great treats so I tried to group by categories. 

The first group was a variety of arts and crafts materials and since I have shown a few crafts on here, I thought this would be a good starting point. 

Crayola Ultra Clean Markers are first on the list for trial! The kids love markers and coloring and drawing and anything that is easy to clean gets a grade A in my book. Also excited for the Sands Alive and Blok and Bits and will give a follow up on those two items. 

The second batch of art and craft items were from Faber-Castel. I had a fun time at their booth at #SweetSuite14 and they had tons of amazing crafts and art materials. 

Those gel sticks and crayons look pretty cool and always looking for new art materials for the kids. 

There were a great bunch of games included.

I am excited to open the Bananagrams!!! It seems like a great way to build skills while playing! I also can't wait to play some of the other games as well. 

There were some items for the younger set. Who doesn't love TMNT?? And Paw Patrol is becoming a new favorite in the house too. 

For the little girls, some cute items as well

I think we might have to open that manicure kit pretty soon! 

There were lots of other great items included in the box:

Can't wait to try the Tiggly product! The people at the booth were super informative and it seems like a great product too.

And this seems like a great rainy day quick craft project. Perfect!

Thanks to all the staff at The Big Toy Book! I am looking forward to seeing some of the great products from the event like the adorable Lum Lum dolls, a cute new product that I saw at the event which should be hitting stores soon. Plus lots of cute items from Lalaloopsy, Disney, Leapfrog and Vtech for the holiday season!! 

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