Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli-Pop!

In keeping with the baby theme, this next project was inspired by a pin I found from 320 Days of Sunshine. She gives an excellent tutorial on how to make the lollipop itself (Lollipop Tutorial) and her photo at the end gave me an idea on how to make these lolli's into a baby shower centerpiece for a nautical themed baby shower for a baby boy. 

First I went looking for nautical washcloths and found these adorable little ones at Target. These were quite reasonable since I would need quite a few of them for all of the centerpieces. So I used them and made a bunch of little spoons like so....
Next I found some tote bag wooden boxes from AC Moore and some wooden painted shapes from Hobby Lobby. I had to order from Hobby Lobby since there isn't one close to me but the shipping was reasonable and the prices were good. 

The boxes were originally unpainted so I found a nice blue, painted two coats of the acrylic paint and then once they were nice and dry, sealed them with a coat of ModPodge. I then glued the shapes onto the boxes with my glue gun.

I then added some weights to the bottom of the box by using some river stones I had from a previous project and then cut some styrofoam on top so I have some place to insert the spoons into. I found some cream colored Easter grass to cover up the styrofoam so it wouldn't show and added the spoons. Here you go......

So off these little lollipops go for their grand debut at the baby shower. They look so cute all in the box don't they?

I'll add a photo of how they look at the shower and will be adding some additional projects as well. Thanks for tuning in.......

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these with me! You did an absolute fantastic job! Your shower decor is going to look amazing!