Monday, March 19, 2012

Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere

So in continuation of the baby shower theme, this next project was inspired by an item I saw online and I decided to see if I could find a tutorial and do it myself. The ribbon topiaries came out amazing and exactly like the ones I wanted to order but each one took me about three hours, a ridiculous amount of straight pins and about 60 feet of ribbon per centerpiece. You can find some amazing tutorials like the one I found on Polka Dot Birthday (Ribbon Tutorial). I changed things up a little by using an all-in-one topiary form that included the ball, dowel and base that I found at AC Moore (see here). I trimmed the excess of the form and placed it in a painted terra-cotta pot that I painted with acrylic paint and kept them in place with a little hot glue gun.

I will say that I think using these forms made the centerpieces a little larger than I originally thought and if you are planning to make a smaller version, then I think you will probably use a little less ribbon and will have to use the styrofoam ball, dowel and foam base as mentioned in the tutorials as I found the pre made forms only in the size. So I cut 6 rolls of ribbon into 3" pieces. Each roll of ribbon was roughly 9 feet of ribbon and I tried to pick a variety of ribbon that complimented each other and had three solids and three prints for the first piece and then switched it up for the subsequent pieces. 

I started in little clusters and then kept adding making sure to not keep too many of the same color in one spot and make things even. It is a little time consuming and the larger you make the balls, the more time and more ribbon you will need. Lastly, I hot glued some of the same shapes from the lollipop boxes to the pots so it would continue with the nautical theme.
They came out a lot better than I expected and they were a hit at the party!!!!

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