Monday, November 30, 2015

Glow in the Dark Fun with GloWubble

In continuing with the Wubble Bubble brand fun, the next product we tried was the GloWubble. We tried playing with the GloWubble indoors at first but realized that it is better suited for outdoors. It's size is much larger than the Wubble X and seems like it can take much more of a beating than the Wubble X (my kids actually tried sitting on it and it held up).

What I liked is that the package comes with the reusable pump (you will need D batteries, which I had to scrounge around for in my house). Inserting the pump nozzle into the ball was a little tricky because I was afraid that I would pop the GloWubble but a few tries and success. It takes much longer to fill the GloWubble (the recommended size is 3 feet) and with anxious children, it can seem a little tedious but it is worth the wait. 

In order for the glow in the dark feature to really work, you really need to leave in a brightly lit room for a while. I saw mentioned somewhere that someone left in the sun which sounds like a very good idea especially since you can play during the day and once it gets dusk, then the glow in the dark feature probably works much better. I tried to get a good photo of the glow in the dark features of the GloWubble but my camera wasn't cooperating with me.

The kids loved this and it stood up to their abuse. I will say that they are on the younger side so I don't know how it will hold up if older kids try to sit on it. They enjoyed throwing it around and the novelty of throwing something almost their size didn't seem to grow old to them. When it was time to go inside, I was able to deflate the GloWubble and store back in the box to use again. The outside seems to have a sticky texture to it and some dirt stuck to it but I cleaned it off once it was deflated. Now that it is getting a little colder I am not sure how many more times we will get to use this but that doesn't stop them from asking me. 

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