Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So yummy and so fun! Num Noms by MGA Entertainment

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping, you may have seen these adorable toys called Num Noms. They were located in my local Toys R Us next to the Shopkins and seemed to fly off the shelves. Hopefully you were lucky to grab a pack or two. They are sold only at Toys R Us at the moment (according to their website).

We received these to review and my DD couldn't contain her excitement! First let me say, these are adorable and they smell delightful! We received the mystery packs as well as the Cupcake Starter set and the Ice Cream Starter set and I will go into a little more detail for both. 

The mystery packs are not your typical blind bag toys that you find and are almost little snack containers (like you would find for those Nutella sticks). I think it goes in line with what the idea of the toy line is which are delicious little treats to play with. Each mystery pack comes with a squishy piece, called a Num and a little pot of flavored lip gloss called the Nom that fits underneath the top. It also comes with a sheet (referred to as a collector's menu) that you can see all the pieces in the collection. My DD couldn't put them down and kept smelling them and telling me how delicious they smelled. The lip gloss was very light and not crazy at all for those concerned and each little pot was a different scent from Pina Colada to Cherry.

The real excitement came when we opened the multi-packs. The Nom's in these two sets (the Cupcake Starter Pack and the Ice Cream Starter Pack) were small motorized Noms that you could stack the squishy pieces on and they moved around. On the menu included in each package, there are "recipes" that you can make by pairing certain pieces together to make different flavor combinations. My DD was playing for quite a while mixing this piece with that piece and what flavor does this make? She had a blast putting them together, switching them around and making tons of combinations and pretending to enjoy the small sundaes that she made. Even my little guy tried to get into the action but got the boot when he wouldn't comply with DD's wishes to keep them in orderly rows. All in all, these were a hit. I think these go very well with the Shopkins collector kind of kid. We will definitely be picking up a few more of the mystery packs to add to the collection!!

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